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Summer Activity Programme 2017

In addition to the Booster Classes, the Trust has once again put together an expansive programme of activities together for its pupils from Reception age through to Year 6.  The programme will run from Monday 24th July through to Friday 11th August and includes a wonderful selection of activities ranging from performing arts through to crafts, food activities and various trips. 

Please take a look at the details as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and complete the necessary registration form, by using the following link:  http://bit.do/rosedalehewensacademytrust-Summer2017 or by scanning the QR code as shown on the front of the Summer Activity Programme. 

Easter Activities Programme 2017

Please take a look at the Easter Activities Holiday Programme 2017 and sign up early by registering your child(ren) using the following link  http://q-r.to/EasterActivityProgramme2017 , or by scanning the QR code available from the letter/School News.  You can also complete the registration form on the back of the programme. Places are allocated on a first come - first serve basis.   It is important to note that some activities feature more than once and therefore, please be mindful that only one place per child will be allocated. 


Review of the School Day

Thank you to all those parents, guardians and carers who took the trouble to feedback their thoughts about possible changes to the school day.  This was very helpul and collectively these responses had considerable influence in determining the decision taken by the Academy Board.  Given the number of logistical problems that were highlighted for particular families together with a slim response to the consultation, Directors have decided that they do not have a sufficient mandate from families to change the structure of the school day at this stage.  

We will of course keep all of our arrangements under regular review and inform families accordingly.


The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust has now had time to develop a forward strategy in response to some of the opportunities announced by George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, in his Budget Speech of 16th March.  Beyond the proposal to convert all remaining schools and colleges in Local Authority control to academies, he also announced that there would be new funding streams available to existing Trusts from the proceeds of the so called “Sugar Tax”.  In order to take advantage of this additional funding, and having analysed the new expectations of Government in relation to Education policy, the Trust has made some firm proposals which are set out in a summary document, particularly for the parents, guardians and carers of students in the secondary phase. Obviously is an opportunity for parents, guardians and carers to provide feedback by making any comments  between 1st and 15th April 2016.

Extra Curricular Activites Programme

Please take a look at the latest Extra Curricular Activities booklet which it is hoped will give you a flavour in respect of some of the sports, clubs and activities available to all students across the Trust.

Easter Activity Programme - Primary Phase

During the recent holidays, children from Rosedale Primary, Hewens Primary and Brookside Primary took part in another successful joint ‘Easter Extravaganza’. They told us that they enjoyed mixing with children from the other schools, at the various sessions. 

The holiday programmes always aim to use all three primary schools as venues and the specialist facilities of the secondary schools, across our Trust.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities. For example, students at Parkside Studio College provided two sessions involving exciting cookery and decorating activities. 

Our minibuses were used to transport the children to Willows Farm and Odds Farm. The children had great fun with the animals and the other attractions at the farms.

The local shops were visited by children who had to choose whether to ‘spend or save’! 

The children demonstrated skills of being responsible, resourceful and resilient.

As always, we welcome feedback from the parents about the ‘Easter Extravaganza’, especially as we are already thinking about new ideas for the 2016 Summer Activity Programme.



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